Git in Telugu | Git Tutorial For Beginners in Telugu | Git real time scenarios | Suresh Techs | git command

Git in Telugu | Git Tutorial For Beginners in Telugu | Git real time scenarios | Suresh Techs

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูเพิ่มเติม

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0:00 Video Introduction
0:11 1. Introduction
5:30 2. Meaning of git
8:59 3. Install git
14:20 4. What is repository?
17:19 5. Github account creation
31:53 6. Configure git
46:41 7. Conigure notepad++
1:03:53 8. Git work flow
1:14:30 9. Git work flow example
1:38:21 10. Cloning a repository
1:47:08 11. Initializing git in existing repository
1:59:14 12. Status life cycle
2:16:11 13. Ignoring files(.gitignore)
2:36:12 14. Git Diff
2:43:08 15. Git Commit
2:50:42 16. Git Log(History)
3:01:43 17. Git Branching(Very important)
4:25:51 18. Git pull/push/fetch(Remote branching)
4:44:15 19. P4Merge
5:03:29 20. Git Aliases
5:08:17 21. Git Rebasing
5:33:33 22. Stashing
5:56:01 23. Cleaning
6:10:13 24. Tagging
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Complete course structure:
1. Web development introduction
2. HTML introduction
3. HTML Structure
4. HTML Basic elements
5. Review of first 4 lessons
6. Basic styles
7. Simple HTML Project
8. Text Formatting
9. Quotations and Citations
11. Colors
12. Styles
13. Links
14. Images
15. Image maps
16. Background Images
17. Picture element
18. Margins, Padding, Borders
19. Tables
20. Lists
21. Block and Inline elements
22. Classes attribute
23. ID attribute
24. IFrames
25. File paths
26. Charset (UTF8)
27. Head Element
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Git in Telugu | Git Tutorial For Beginners in Telugu | Git real time scenarios | Suresh Techs

How to Install and Configure Git and GitHub on Ubuntu 18.04/ Ubuntu 20.04(Linux)

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Full Git and GitHub Course
Basic Git command List
Git is a distributed version control system. This video shows How to Get Started with Git and Github and teaches The Basics of Git and GitHub.
Set Up Git:
git config global \”Your Name\”
git config global \”\”
other commands
git clone (url)
git add (file names)
git commit m \”(committed message)
git push u origin master
git remote add origin master (url)
Version Control ? Version control systems are a category of software tools that help a software team manage changes to source code over time.
What is GIT? By far, the most widely used modern version control system in the world today is Git. Git is a mature, actively maintained open source project originally developed in 2005
Why GIT? Relying on software for missioncritical applications, altering your development workflow impacts your entire business. Git isn’t just for agile software development—it’s for agile business.
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This video covers how to install git on Ubuntu 18.04, how to install git on Ubuntu Linux, how to use git on Ubuntu 18.04, setup git on windows
Ubuntu git package, setup git server windows, Ubuntu git clone
gitcore, how to use GitHub Ubuntu , how to setup GitHub
how to use GitHub Ubuntu , GitHub generate keys, git setup bash
git install, git bash

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How to Install and Configure Git and GitHub on Ubuntu 18.04/  Ubuntu 20.04(Linux)

Learn Git In 15 Minutes

In this video, we’ll go over all the important stuff you need to know to get started using Git. We cover git add, git commit, git branch, git checkout, and git merge!
Video Notes Here:
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Learn Git In 15 Minutes

Git Commands With Examples | Git Tutorial | Git Branching \u0026 Merging | DevOps Training | Edureka

DevOps Training :
This DevOps Tutorial on Git Commands ( Git Blog series: ) will explain all the basic Git commands. You will learn about the commands like git add, git init, git pull, git branch etc.
Here is the link to Git Tutorial Video:

Check our complete DevOps playlist here:
DevOps Tutorial Blog Series:
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Git GitHub DevOpsTools DevOpsTraining DevOpsTutorial DevOpsGit Git GitHub GitTutorial GitTutorialforBeginners GitRebase GitAdd GitBranching GitMerge GitBash GitCommit GitClone GitCommands GitCheckout GitConfig

How it Works?
1. This is a 4 Week Instructor led Online Course.
2. Course consists of 24 hours of online classes, 25 hours of assignment, 20 hours of project
3. We have a 24×7 OneonOne LIVE Technical Support to help you with any problems you might face or any clarifications you may require during the course.
4. You will get Lifetime Access to the recordings in the LMS.
5. At the end of the training you will have to complete the project based on which we will provide you a Verifiable Certificate!

About the Course
Edureka’s DevOps online training is designed to help you master key tools of Devops lifecycle like Docker, Puppet, Jenkins, Nagios, GIT, Ansible, SaltStack and Chef used by a DevOps Engineer for automating multiple steps in SDLC. During this course, our expert DevOps instructors will help you:
1. Understand the concepts and necessities of DevOps
2. Understand the need for DevOps and the daytoday reallife problems it resolves
3. Learn installation and configuration of common infrastructure servers like Apache, and Nginx for the Enterprise
4. Learn popular DevOps tools like Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, SaltStack, Nagios and GIT
5. Implement automated system update, installations and deployments
6. Learn Virtualization Concepts
7. Configuration deployment and packaging, continuous integration using GIT
8. Fine tune Performance and setup basic Security for Infrastructure
9. Manage server operations using Code which is popularly known as Infrastructure as a Code
10. Understand the need for and concepts of Monitoring and Logging.
Along with the above mentioned topics, to help you master the most popular DevOps tools, you will also receive 3 additional selfpaced courses including presentations, class recordings, assignments, solutions for the following tools:
1: Ansible Covers Introduction, Setup \u0026 Configuration, Ansible Playbooks, 37 Ansible Modules, Different Roles and Command Line usage. 2: Chef Covers Introduction, Building the Cook Book, Node Object \u0026 Search, Databags, Chef environment, Roles, Deploying Nodes in Production and using the Open Source Chef Server.
3: Puppet Covers Puppet Infrastructure \u0026 runcycle, the Puppet Language, Environment defining Nodes and Modules, Provisioning a Web Server and Executing Modules Against A Puppet Master.

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Who should go for this course?
DevOps practitioners are among the highest paid IT professionals today, and the market demand for them is growing rapidly. With emergence of new job roles around DevOps philosophy, anyone aspiring to get into these new roles, can take up this DevOps course. Some of these roles are:
1. DevOps Architect
2. Automation Engineer
3. Software Tester
4. Security Engineer
5. Integration Specialist
6. Release Manager

For more information, please write back to us at or call us at IND: 9606058406 / US: 18338555775 (tollfree).
Customer Reviews:
Ankur Kashyap, DevOps, Build \u0026 Release says: “I was enrolled into Devops training from Edureka On a professionalism, they provide a great presentation on the topic that helps to understand the indepth of Devops technology. Good knowledgeable staff, provide recorded sessions with life time warranty. Also technical team is really helpful if you stuck in some demo sessions. Keep it up !! ”

Git Commands With Examples | Git Tutorial | Git Branching \u0026 Merging | DevOps Training | Edureka

Git Tutorial 4: Basic Commands: add, commit, push

In this git tutorial we will learn how to commit a code change locally using git commit and how to upload it to remote using git push. Here is the list of topics we are covering in this git tutorial,
1) how to create new github repository
2) push code to this repository using git push command
3) go over these commands in detail,
git add
git commit
git push
git difftool
Git GitHub GitTutorial GitTutorialforBeginners GitRebase GitAdd GitBash GitCommit GitCommands GitPush GitConfig
Git Tutorial:\u0026list=PLeo1K3hjS3usJuxZZUBdjAcilgfQHkRzW
Next Video:
Git Tutorial 5: Undoing/Reverting/Resetting code changes:\u0026list=PLeo1K3hjS3usJuxZZUBdjAcilgfQHkRzW\u0026index=5
Machine Learning Tutorial With Python:\u0026list=PLeo1K3hjS3uvCeTYTeyfe0rN5r8zn9rw

Git Tutorial 4: Basic Commands: add, commit, push

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